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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions. Here are some answers.
  • How do you pronouce Madrid?
  • MAD-rid was first settled by english speakers and recent immigrants that came here for coal mining in the 1800’s.  Some came from places in the midwest such as New Madrid, Missouri (New MAD-rid), the pronunciation of the village has always been MAD-rid since its founding - and not the traditional spanish pronunciation.

  • What are the hours of the shops and restaurants ?
  • During the winter season shop hours tend to fluctuate due to the weather, etc.  ALL the shops maintain thier own hours.  Most businesses are open 7 days a week, with shop hours ranging from 10:30-6pm.  Please see individual listings for contact information and call to ensure they will be open during your visit.

    Restaurant Hours:

    Java Junction:  7am-4pm Mon-Fri   7am-5pm Sat/Sun
    Jezebel’s Soda Fountain & Deli:  10am-5pm with extended summer hours
    The Hollar:  Mon/Tue/Wed: 11am–7pm Thur/Fri/Sun: 11am–9pm
    The Mine Shaft Tavern:  11:30am-7:30pm Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur 11:30am-9pm Fri/Sat  
    BAR OPEN LATE 505-473-0743

  • What are some of the movies that has been filmed in Madrid?
  • “Wild Hogs” with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy.
    “Beer for my Horses” with Willie Nelson, Toby Keith
    “Paul” with Simon Pegg, Jason Bateman, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogan
    “The Man who Fell to Earth”  with David Bowie

    and more!

  • Why is it called the Turquoise Trail?
  • We held a contest in 1953 sponsored by the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce to name the scenic back road from Albuquerque to the Sandia Crest and on up through the mining towns of Golden, Madrid and Cerrillos on on to Santa Fe.  Rita Simmons, a talented artist and educator from Albuquerque won the contest (a matched set of luggage!) and the Turquoise Trail took off. 

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